The internet-based collective known as Anonymous has a well-established reputation for championing various socio-political causes through cyber activism. Recently, this group of hacktivists has taken an interest in one of the most debated topics worldwide: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), colloquially known as UFOs. In an attempt to shed light on the enigma surrounding these unexplained occurrences and non-human intelligences, Anonymous has launched “Project Disclosure.” This initiative signifies a major shift in the UAP discussion, bringing an unconventional player onto the stage of what has traditionally been an area of interest for scientists, governments, and UFO enthusiasts.

The underlying motive for the initiation of Project Disclosure stems from Anonymous’s conviction that government entities globally have withheld significant information that could drastically change the course of humanity’s future. Whistleblowers affiliated with these entities have made claims suggesting that advanced technologies, currently concealed from the public, possess the potential to revolutionize various sectors. For instance, new energy sources could alleviate the world’s reliance on fossil fuels, thereby mitigating environmental degradation. Additionally, groundbreaking medical advancements could provide cures for many diseases, dramatically improving global health. The group believes that unveiling this information is not only of public interest but also a matter of global significance.

Given the veil of secrecy surrounding UAPs and alleged alternative technologies, obtaining reliable information requires insider insights. Therefore, Anonymous has made a public call to all individuals possessing access to such concealed information, encouraging them to come forward and reveal what they know. This appeal extends to those privy to information regarding UAPs, UFOs, non-human intelligences, and hidden technologies. Anonymous understands the potential risks for these whistleblowers and has consequently outlined an array of security measures to ensure their anonymity. These protocols include using disposable devices, uploading files through anonymous networks like Tor, utilizing VPNs, and taking additional precautions to maintain the utmost security while revealing information.

In the age of digital communication, the internet plays a vital role in the dissemination of information. With this in mind, Anonymous has set up a dedicated website that acts as an information repository related to UAPs, UFOs, and non-human intelligences. The website, which is accessible only through secure connections, allows for the anonymous upload of related files and documents. The operation of the site emphasizes anonymity and security above all, aiming to ensure that whistleblowers can share their information without fear of retribution. The process involves multiple steps, including obfuscation methods and the use of the Tor network, ensuring that the individuals remain anonymous throughout the entire procedure.

With the launch of Project Disclosure, Anonymous has effectively stirred up the global UAP debate, creating ripples that might lead to profound revelations. By inviting whistleblowers to step forward and share hidden knowledge, the collective is attempting to make the opaque transparency surrounding UAPs and concealed technologies a thing of the past. Whether the project will yield groundbreaking information is yet to be seen. Regardless, it marks a significant development in the ongoing quest for disclosure, injecting new momentum into the conversation surrounding these significant, yet largely misunderstood, phenomena. Through collective effort, we may yet move closer to understanding the mysteries that lie beyond our current knowledge, and in doing so, take significant strides towards an enlightened future.

For those who want to explore more about Anonymous’s Project Disclosure and their motives, the original announcement video on YouTube is a must-watch. It provides a comprehensive insight into their objectives, the process, and the importance of this initiative for humanity. You can find the video here.

If you’re interested in following their ongoing actions and campaigns, subscribe to their YouTube channel, @anon2world. The channel hosts a range of content focused on their various operations, aiming to foster transparency and the pursuit of truth.


For the whistleblowers and those interested in their cause, Anonymous has set up the Project Disclosure website. It’s a safe, anonymous space where individuals with knowledge about UAPs, UFOs, and non-human intelligences can share information. Visit the Project Disclosure website to learn more about the submission process, maintaining your anonymity, and why this mission matters.

Please remember, contributing to this project is a considerable step. It’s crucial to follow all guidelines and procedures laid out by Anonymous to ensure your safety and the efficacy of the project. Be sure to understand the implications fully before you participate. The collective effort could help unlock answers to long-standing questions about UFOs and potentially groundbreaking technologies.

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