The latest episode of “WEAPONIZED,” a show hosted by Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp, shed some remarkable light on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), more commonly known as UFOs. In episode 26, titled “UFO Bombs Dropped On Capitol Hill,” a special guest, British journalist Chris Sharp, added his perspective to the mix.

Chris Sharp, renowned for his incisive journalism in the ‘Liberation Times‘, joined Corbell and Knapp in an engaging discussion, contributing to the understanding of these phenomena with his expertise on policy changes and firsthand narratives.

The episode unveiled potentially groundbreaking information suggesting that on July 26th, there will be a Senate hearing featuring firsthand witnesses testifying about their experiences with UFOs. Orchestrated by Senator Schumer, this represents a significant shift in the political landscape concerning the UAP issue.

This development is set against the backdrop of revelations from intelligence officer David Grosh, whose disclosures caused a significant stir in the community, even among skeptics.

The discussion with Sharp further elaborated on an amendment to the defense bill, indicating the potential existence of UAP holding companies. This could have global implications and suggests the possibility of the disclosure of non-human biological specimens and craft.

The conversation then navigated the ongoing concern about the lack of investigative journalism concerning the UAP topic, with the hosts and Sharp regretting how the stigma surrounding the issue has led to a decline in fearless journalism.

The episode also touched on the Air Force’s alleged dishonesty concerning UAPs and the clandestine White House task force dedicated to UAPs. The bill claims the existence of non-human entities, information reportedly originating from the White House’s National Security Council.


The potential implications of this legislation for major defense contractors, like Lockheed Martin, were also explored. If passed, the legislation could compel such corporations to surrender any UAPs or related materials to the U.S government.

Finally, the show provided an exciting teaser of an upcoming hearing from the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is likely to shape future understanding and handling of UAPs.

“WEAPONIZED,” with the valuable contribution of Chris Sharp, is guiding us through the largely uncharted territory of UAPs, breaking down the stigma and uncertainty surrounding these phenomena.

For those seeking a deeper understanding of the discussions held on “WEAPONIZED,” we strongly encourage you to watch the episode directly. It offers an immersive journey into the complex world of UAPs and the political intricacies involved. The interview, available on YouTube, provides a wealth of knowledge, firsthand narratives, and professional insights into the unfolding UAP narrative. Take a moment to dive into the discussion, and join us as we navigate this fascinating frontier.

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