The subject of the Secret Space Program (SSP) has been a contentious issue within certain circles. It’s purported to be a clandestine operation funded by the government, responsible for designing advanced spacecraft and conducting undisclosed missions in space. The SSP’s existence is a topic of intense debate, with a faction staunchly affirming its reality – concealed from the general public, and another categorically dismissing it as a product of conspiracy theorists’ fertile imagination.

Conclusive evidence either validating or refuting the SSP’s existence remains elusive. Nonetheless, a handful of individuals assert their association with the project, supplementing their claims with an array of documents and artifacts purported to be indicative of the program’s reality.

A prominent voice supporting the SSP narrative is Corey Goode, who alleges a two-decade tenure with the program. Goode’s narrative is detailed, encompassing descriptions of the advanced spacecraft he purportedly worked on and the clandestine missions he partook in.

Equally vocal in his advocacy of the SSP is William Tompkins, asserting his involvement as a technical consultant during the 1950s and 60s. Tompkins has furnished an assortment of drawings and blueprints, purportedly of spacecraft engineered by the SSP.

Besides Goode’s and Tompkins’ testimonies, other evidence cited in favor of the SSP includes declassified governmental documents, photographs, and videos.

A salient declassified document often associated with the SSP is the Robertson Panel Report, penned in 1953. The report, a UFO study commissioned by the US Air Force, concluded that no evidence supported the extraterrestrial origin of UFOs. However, it did intimate the possibility of secretive US government research into sophisticated aerospace technology.

A controversial set of documents, known as the MJ-12 documents, allegedly reveal the SSP’s existence. First publicly shared in the 1980s, these documents have sparked intense debate. Some parties consider them authentic, while others dismiss them as falsified.


Photographic and videographic evidence have also been presented in support of the SSP. A well-known photograph, colloquially referred to as the “Pentagon UFO” image, was captured in 2004, and depicts an unidentifiable object soaring over the Pentagon. The US government has neither confirmed nor denied the image’s authenticity.

A notable video, referred to as the “Nibiru video,” filmed in 2012, showcases an enigmatic object streaking across the sky. Proponents of the SSP theory have claimed this object as a spacecraft from the SSP.

The evidence concerning the SSP’s existence remains inconclusive. There’s no definitive proof either affirming or negating its existence, with the available evidence prone to subjective interpretation, creating a lack of consensus about its implications.

Regardless of the SSP’s actual existence, the subject has garnered significant interest. The SSP’s lore has inspired numerous books, films, and documentaries. Numerous online platforms and forums facilitate in-depth discussions about the SSP.

The intrigue surrounding the SSP makes it a compelling topic, and one likely to provoke debate for the foreseeable future. Whether factual or fictitious, the SSP has unquestionably captivated the global imagination.

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