Rep. Tim Burchett shares insights with a journalist near the entrance to the House chamber. Photo: Matt Laslo

WASHINGTON—Within the hallowed halls of the US Capitol, initial intrigue that accompanied whistleblower David Grusch’s allegations regarding the government’s concealment of extraterrestrial craft seems to be yielding to skepticism and whispers.

In late June, a few prospective witnesses were dismissed by Republican leaders, and recent reports suggest that NASA officials have withdrawn their participation from the House Oversight Committee’s impending hearing into UFOs. Nevertheless, the two Republican representatives leading the investigation, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) and Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN), remain committed to conducting the public hearing on Wednesday, July 26.

“We have confirmation on the hearing date,” Rep. Luna informs Ask a Pol. “Details on the attendees will be released a week in advance.”

According to Ask a Pol, both Luna and her co-chair, Burchett, have experienced some opposition from the Pentagon and NASA subsequent to announcing their official investigation into UFOs (also referred to as UAPs, or Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena, as per NASA).

Sources involved in the hearing planning confirm NASA’s withdrawal but one insider counters, “I don’t care, because they’re covering it up anyway.”

Oversight Committee Chair James Comer revealed to Ask a Pol that at least two witnesses failed his investigator’s political background check at the end of June. “We had to reconsider a few witnesses due to certain issues,” Comer commented.


However, Burchett holds a contrasting view. He asserts there was nothing significantly wrong in the potential witnesses’ backgrounds and he would have preferred the public to make their own judgment.

“That’s the function of the committee and the hearing, to establish their legitimacy,” Burchett informs Ask a Pol. “We bring in people making these claims, then they backtrack. We aim to uncover the truth. It helps us focus our investigation.”

Despite these setbacks, the two Republicans remain determined.

“I promise you guys won’t be disappointed,” assures Luna.

Although there has been a rearrangement in their list of witnesses, they still guarantee a remarkable roster.

“We’ll have some real heavy hitters,” assures Burchett.

July 26 is the last week of Congressional session before lawmakers leave Washington for their August recess. Regardless of any further hindrances, Burchett is adamant that the hearing will take place.

“If we can’t have the hearing as planned, I’ll hold an informal field hearing myself,” Burchett tells Ask a Pol. “I’ll even do it in my front yard if need be.”

Source: Ask a Pol

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