It was January 1967 when Reed Thompson, a small business owner from Milan, Indiana, first had his encounter with the unexplained. He captured an image of what he claims was an unidentified flying object (UFO), which marked the start of a series of bewildering events and interactions that would persist for decades.

Thompson’s photograph showed an oddly shaped UFO, a shot taken up close that would come to define his life. After his encounter, Thompson experienced a phenomenon known to UFOlogists as “missing time,” a lapse in memory or unaccounted-for period that some associate with potential extraterrestrial encounters. Accompanying this were severe nosebleeds, a symptom commonly reported by alleged abductees.

Six years later, in April 1973, Thompson’s auto parts store in Milan would become the stage for another extraterrestrial encounter. Two entities, described as thin with little skin exposed, clothed in tan, and with plastic-like, expressionless faces, reportedly entered his store. Thompson’s usually fearless guard dog cowered in a corner, seemingly terrified by the entities.

Their demand was specific: the negative and the photograph of the UFO Thompson had captured. Thompson refused, claiming they were secured in a bank vault. Curiously, the beings were associated with a vehicle that seemed to defy conventional design—described as having no seats or even a steering wheel.

Thompson was then engaged in a high-speed car chase with the beings, who appeared to want something from him desperately. The chase concluded when they instantaneously vanished after being exposed to a welding flash as Thompson parked his car at a welding shop.

A striking occurrence in 1992 marked another chapter in Thompson’s otherworldly saga. He woke up with a headache and discovered his wedding ring missing. A strange buzzing sound later, his ring had reappeared on his finger, and he experienced physical weakness and another severe nosebleed. His business partner at his furniture shop commented that he looked ill, and Thompson discovered an hour and 15 minutes of missing time.

These experiences, while sounding like they’re ripped from a science fiction novel, were very real to Reed Thompson. Don Worley, a UFO investigator who chronicled Thompson’s experiences, has collected close to 50 cases like these. He believes that there are thousands of abductees out there, many unaware of what has transpired in their encounters.


From unusual dreams and mysterious scars to tiny twin puncture marks, Worley suggests these could be the telltale signs of an abduction experience. One case even includes a victim discovering an implant on their brain stem following an MRI scan after experiencing such puncture marks.

The experiences catalogued by Worley present a motley of extraterrestrial entities: the Greys, Nordics, Humanoids, Reptilians, Insectoids, Men in Black, Plastic Facers, Hooded Ones, and Ape-like Entities. The vast range of entities and the intricate abilities they purportedly demonstrate hint at a much larger, more complex picture—something potentially sinister with humanity as its focal point.

Despite his fascinating encounters, Thompson’s experiences have been met with skepticism and disbelief. Meanwhile, Worley’s criticism of the government’s handling of such phenomena echoes the sentiments of many in the UFO community. He argues that there has been a longstanding effort to deceive and keep citizens in the dark about these issues.

The story of Reed Thompson is a riveting account of one man’s ongoing encounters with the unexplained. It invites us to question, explore, and seek truth in a universe full of mysteries—reminding us of the vast, uncharted terrain that lies beyond our understanding.

Source: UF.O. NEWSCLPPING SERVICE 1993 Right hand column titled SPECTERS FROM NOWHERE.

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