NEW YORK — In a bold move towards increasing government transparency, Senator Chuck Schumer, the majority leader, has taken the initiative to present legislation aimed at the declassification of government documents pertaining to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), more commonly referred to as UFOs.

Schumer officially introduced the legislation  July 13, 2023, which proposes the formation of a 12-member commission. This commission would have sweeping authority to review all government files related to UAPs, even those classified. According to the proposed legislation, the commission must present its findings to Congress within a six-month time frame, following its formation.

The senior senator from New York has been vocal about his advocacy for shedding more light on the government’s knowledge and research about UAPs. Back in 2020, Schumer corresponded with the Director of National Intelligence, pushing for a briefing on the government’s efforts to study the enigmatic phenomena. This was spurred by multiple high-profile UAP sightings by military personnel that grabbed headlines worldwide.

Schumer’s proposed commission, besides holding the authority to scrutinize government records, would also be empowered to interview witnesses and conduct independent research. The legislation calls for a diverse range of experts to make up the commission, including professionals from the fields of science, aviation, and national security.

While the proposition is expected to encounter resistance from some members of Congress, due to concerns over classified information being revealed, Schumer remains confident about the success of the legislation. He has frequently expressed that the American public deserves to know more about the government’s understanding of UAPs.

Schumer’s statement read, “The American people deserve to know what the government knows about UAPs. This legislation will create a commission with the authority to get to the bottom of this issue and report its findings to Congress.”

This move comes on the heels of other recent efforts to enhance transparency on UAPs. The House Intelligence Committee released a report on the subject in 2021. The report, while acknowledging that many UAP sightings remain unexplained, urged the government to enhance its efforts in collecting and analyzing UAP data.


Schumer’s legislation marks a significant stride in improving public understanding of UAPs. If passed, it would enable a comprehensive review of all government records about UAPs, shedding light on the government’s knowledge and perspective on these enigmatic occurrences. The commission’s findings would not only enrich public understanding but could significantly influence future policymaking.

The findings of the proposed commission could have profound implications. If UAPs are found to pose a national security threat, the government would have to address the issue proactively. However, if they are found to be benign, resources can be reallocated to other pressing matters. Schumer’s legislation thus emerges as a key step in broadening our understanding of UAPs and their potential implications for national security.

Source NYT

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