The universe of UFOs and extraterrestrial life is dense with questions, particularly when it comes to the role of U.S. Presidents in concealing or revealing information. To probe this enthralling issue, we turn to body language expert Derek Van Schaik, who has scrutinized the nonverbal cues of several U.S. Presidents in his insightful YouTube video “PROOF U.S. Presidents Are LYING To You About Aliens & UFOs Existence – Body Language Secrets.” While we’re passionate about the subject, we’re not experts in body language ourselves. But, we aim to tap into the rich seam of nonverbal communication, examining how it might reveal if U.S. Presidents are withholding the truth about aliens and UFOs.

A Change of Heart with Jimmy Carter: Before his presidency, Jimmy Carter publicly stated that he had seen a UFO in Georgia in 1969. He pledged during his campaign to make all UFO files public, kindling hopes of total transparency. However, once he entered the White House, Carter’s attempts to unseal classified UFO reports hit a roadblock with the CIA. The refusal by the intelligence agency to follow the President’s orders sparks speculation about the concealed information they may hold. Van Schaik’s analysis suggests Carter’s body language during this time reflected a sincere wish to disclose the truth.

An Elusive Exchange with George H.W. Bush: While in office, Carter sought information about UFOs from George H.W. Bush, who was then the Director of Central Intelligence. Van Schaik highlights the enigmatic response of Bush, who maintained that the UFO secret was above Carter’s top-secret clearance level. This unusual dialogue stirs questions about the extent of knowledge even the President of the United States may be denied when it comes to extraterrestrial secrets. Bush’s evasive response and his reluctance to disclose any details signal the existence of a profound and hidden truth.

The Ambiguous Remarks of Ronald Reagan: President Ronald Reagan often mentioned the possible dangers of extraterrestrial life during his presidency. Where Reagan derived his knowledge on this matter is still up for debate. The fragmented nature of alien-related information, distributed among various departments and contractors, indicates that no single person, including the President, has a complete understanding of the government’s knowledge on the subject. Van Schaik’s analysis suggests Reagan’s body language reflected a mixture of genuine concern and an attempt to manage the complexities surrounding this phenomenon.

Bill Clinton and the Discrepancies in Body Language: On the 50th anniversary of the Roswell incident, former President Bill Clinton categorically denied the existence of aliens at Area 51. However, Van Schaik’s sharp analysis of Clinton’s body language identifies signs that contradict his verbal denials. An ill-concealed smile and a twinkling eye hint at knowledge that Clinton may have been withholding. His nonverbal communication may suggest a familiarity with extraterrestrial secrets that he is unwilling to publicly admit.

Barack Obama’s Hinted Secrets: In an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, former President Barack Obama stated that UFO information was not classified. But Van Schaik points out Obama’s sly grin following his statement, raising doubts about the veracity of Obama’s claim. His body language suggests a sense of secretive knowledge and possibly an understanding of undisclosed information regarding UFOs.

Donald Trump’s Ambiguous Stance: President Donald Trump, known for his straightforward and often contentious statements, was noticeably vague when questioned about UFOs. His response, “I want them to think whatever they think,” fuels speculation that he has undisclosed information regarding the subject. Van Schaik interprets Trump’s body language as a calculated evasion, allowing room for debate about his level of knowledge.


Joe Biden’s Silence: When President Joe Biden was asked about UFOs, he opted to smile and walk away without making a comment. This conscious decision to dodge the question stirs further speculation about the government’s potential involvement with extraterrestrial phenomena. Van Schaik’s analysis reads Biden’s body language as a deliberate attempt to distance himself from the topic, suggesting the possibility of unrevealed information.

Though we’re not experts in nonverbal communication, Derek Van Schaik’s evaluations offer illuminating views into the body language of U.S. Presidents when faced with discussions about aliens and UFOs. These nonverbal cues provide a peek into potential undisclosed knowledge. As we navigate the enthralling world of UFOs and extraterrestrial life, the body language of our leaders continues to provide fascinating hints. While the truth about extraterrestrial life and the full extent of government knowledge remains shrouded in mystery, examining the nonverbal communication of U.S. Presidents brings an additional layer of intrigue to our continuous search for truth.

Source: Derek Van Schaik’s YouTube video “PROOF U.S. Presidents Are LYING To You About Aliens & UFOs Existence – Body Language Secrets” (link:

Derek Van Schaik: The Man Behind the Analysis

As we delve deeper into the mysterious realm of UFOs and aliens, it’s essential to highlight our key source of analysis – Derek Van Schaik. With a sizable following of 595K subscribers on YouTube, Van Schaik stands as a reputable figure in the world of criminal psychology, behavior, and investigations.

Van Schaik’s content ranges from breaking down the body language of public figures to analyzing high-profile criminal cases. His insights offer a unique perspective, providing viewers with a deeper understanding of the behavioral patterns and nonverbal cues that often go unnoticed. It’s this knack for detailed observation that enables Van Schaik to shine a light on the subtle signs U.S. Presidents exhibit when questioned about aliens and UFOs.

His YouTube channel hosts 245 videos, each meticulously researched and presented. His work is grounded in his expertise in body language interpretation and his understanding of behavioral science. This fusion of knowledge allows him to decode the hidden layers of human communication, making him a valuable source for our exploration of presidential secrets surrounding extraterrestrial life.

Van Schaik’s role in this investigation extends beyond the surface-level exploration of U.S. Presidents’ body language. He helps us decipher the unspoken, contributing significantly to our quest for truth in the fascinating domain of UFOs and extraterrestrial existence.

Diving Deeper: Van Schaik’s Take on Bob Lazar

If you find yourself captivated by Van Schaik’s insightful dissection of U.S. Presidents’ behavior concerning UFOs, we encourage you to dive even deeper. Van Schaik extends his body language expertise to other intriguing figures within the realm of UFOs and aliens. One such figure is Bob Lazar.

In his video titled “Does Body Language Prove Bob Lazar Actually Worked On Alien Spacecraft At Area 51?” Van Schaik analyzes the body language of Lazar, a man who claimed to have worked on reverse-engineering alien technology at a site called S-4, near the infamous Area 51. Lazar’s story has been a topic of great interest and heated debate among UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike. Van Schaik’s analysis offers a fresh perspective, inviting viewers to look beyond the words and explore the unspoken truth.

You can watch this intriguing analysis on Van Schaik’s YouTube channel. Here is the link to the video. Just as Van Schaik’s analysis of U.S. Presidents’ body language offers thought-provoking insights, his examination of Bob Lazar promises a captivating journey into the subtleties of human communication.

Whether you’re new to the UFO phenomenon or a seasoned enthusiast, this exploration of Bob Lazar through the lens of body language provides a unique angle on a familiar story. So sit back, click on the link, and prepare yourself for an insightful journey into the enigmatic world of Bob Lazar and Area 51.


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