Dan Aykroyd, renowned actor, comedian, and writer, is not just an entertaining presence on-screen, but also a fervent enthusiast of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). In an intriguing YouTube interview titled “Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs | Vintage Skies,” he passionately delves into the realm of extraterrestrial phenomena, starting with his childhood interest sparked by a magazine about UFO sightings.

Aykroyd takes viewers on a global tour of various UFO sightings, laying emphasis on a recent event in Mexico that even got the government’s confirmation. He speaks eloquently about numerous government projects that have studied UFOs, including Project Blue Book, Project Sign, and Project Grudge, while also paying homage to the work of J. Allen Hynek.

Moving on to the technical aspects, Aykroyd explores various theories about UFO technologies, discussing alternative fuels, lighter-than-air metals, and advanced propulsion systems. He mentions the Hutchinson effect and laments the lack of research funding for such technologies.

When it comes to astronauts and their encounters with UFOs, Aykroyd sheds light on astronaut Gordon Cooper’s sighting and his illustrious career in space flight. He recalls the Gemini 4 mission where James McDevitt reported seeing an unidentified accompanying object.

Speculating about the potential military applications of UFO technology and other nations’ attempts at engineering it, Aykroyd then turns towards theories about different species of extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth. He even discusses the possibility of benevolent extraterrestrials working to heal the planet.

An unexpected but intriguing topic emerges as Aykroyd brings up theories about mind control related to UFOs and abductions. Following this, he talks about the recent increase in UFO sightings worldwide, wondering whether it’s due to more people having cameras or an actual surge in activity.

As for the secrecy surrounding UFOs, Aykroyd makes his stance clear—he wouldn’t comply with non-disclosure if he encountered tangible proof of extraterrestrials. Posing hypothetical questions related to time travel and altering events in human history, he subsequently dives into the intersection of science and spirituality, elaborating on concepts like converting mass to photonic energy and utilizing wormholes for space travel.


Aykroyd’s advocacy for UFO research is evident throughout the interview. He encourages people to move beyond denial about UFOs’ existence and urges further exploration. Wrapping up, he emphasizes the importance of exploring the UFO phenomenon and raising awareness about it.

For a fascinating journey into the world of UFOs with Dan Aykroyd, watch the full interview here. His insight and passion promise an unforgettable exploration of the subject.

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