Based on a real-life event reported in the Border Counties Advertiser in 2009…

One summer night in 2009, an unexplainable event took place in the villages of Hengoed and St Martins. The tranquility of the late hours was disrupted by a spectacle that left the villagers awestruck and bathed their homes in a spectral glow.

From Hengoed to St Martins, people reported seeing flashes of light that illuminated the night sky for over an hour, from midnight until the early hours of the morning. The flashes came at regular intervals, roughly every seven to eight minutes, each one lighting up the sky for a split second.

Paul Conde, a resident of Hengoed, watched the lights with his family. He described the bright flashes as appearing without any accompanying sound, making it difficult to determine whether the light was emanating from the ground or the sky.

In nearby St Martins, witnesses reported seeing the same noiseless white flashes. They were too brief to be a flare and covered too much of the sky to be a mere firework. Some speculated that it might have been an electrical storm.

The day after the spectacle, some individual homes reported experiencing power fluctuations. SP Manweb, the local power company, investigated the possible link between the two events. They found no evidence of any problem on their grid, but they continued to speak to people about minor isolated power fluctuations.

While the lights were strange and impressive to watch, Mr. Conde didn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary. He believed there was a straightforward explanation.


However, the event coincided with an unusually high number of UFO reports received by the local research unit in Shrewsbury. Witnesses described seeing either orange spheres or cigar-shaped crafts with lights or windows along the side.

Philip Hoyle, of the UFO Investigation and Research Unit in Shrewsbury, said he had spoken recently to a motorist who claimed to have seen a cigar-shaped craft flying very low over his car as he drove from Llanfyllin to Llansanffraid.

As the investigation continued, the villagers were left with a sense of intrigue and a lingering question: what were the strange lights they saw that night?

The villages of Hengoed and St Martins had always been peaceful and quiet, but that summer night in 2009 brought an air of mystery that continued to captivate the residents long after the lights had faded. Whether it was a natural phenomenon, an electrical glitch, or something more otherworldly, the event served as a reminder of the inexplicable wonders that sometimes visit our everyday lives.

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