In the world of the unexplained and otherworldly, the tea is piping hot today, as famed illusionist Uri Geller spills the details about his experiences with UFOs and alien materials. Geller, who gained popularity for his demonstrations of spoon-bending and psychic phenomena, has taken to Twitter to share some truly out-of-this-world experiences.

In a series of engrossing tweets, Geller shares his personal encounters with unidentified flying objects, asserting with conviction, “I saw them with my very own eyes.” He tells of his first encounter, which, he says, occurred when he was just a tender five years old. From such an early age, the mystery of the skies captivated Geller, a fascination that only deepened as he grew older.

More intriguingly, Geller shares a memory of being in a “refrigerated vault” with the renowned Dr. Wernher Von Braun, a pivotal figure in NASA’s Apollo space program. This tantalizing mention offers a glimpse into the depth of Geller’s involvement with space phenomena and the influential figures in this field.

Geller’s riveting narrative includes tangible evidence of extraterrestrial existence. He details how he examined a “piece of wire made from a non-human material, non-terrestrial material” using high-tech equipment at a NASA base. This anecdote underscores the profound nature of his experiences, as it suggests direct contact with objects of unknown origin.

Furthermore, Geller mentions photographs of these phenomena taken using his MINOX camera, which he reports were stolen from his New York apartment. This unfortunate event, however, doesn’t dampen his spirits. Geller hints at the potential existence of negatives, adding an enticing promise of more to come.

In his candid disclosure, Geller doesn’t shy away from pointing fingers. He asserts both the Israeli government and the NSA are fully aware of the extraterrestrial encounters he describes. This bold claim, if substantiated, could stir significant controversy and bring these entities under scrutiny.

With each tweet, Geller peels back the curtain on his extraordinary life, inviting us into his world of the unknown. As the world waits with bated breath for more revelations or concrete evidence supporting Geller’s claims, UFO enthusiasts and the curious public are on the edge of their seats, eager for more.


For an immersive experience and to understand the full context of Geller’s revelations, you can find his complete series of tweets below this article.


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