In the 24th episode of “Weaponized”, titled “The End Of UFO Secrecy?”, the show’s hosts, George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell, delve into the recent revelations and discussions around the topic of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), commonly known as UFOs.

Knapp and Corbell open by expressing their astonishment at the level of progress that has been made in bringing the subject of UFOs into the public sphere. They note a shift in attitude from dismissal and skepticism to serious discussions on Capitol Hill, acknowledging the role of figures like Senator Marco Rubio, who made significant statements in a recent News Nation interview.

A focal point of this episode is the recently proposed legislation aiming to formalize the process of investigating UAPs. This legislation would effectively provide a safe haven for whistleblowers and enable the government to recruit, train, and equip personnel specifically to study unidentified phenomena. Corbell points out the power of this move, given that it would legitimize and protect those who have firsthand experience with these phenomena, who might otherwise have been reluctant to come forward.

Knapp and Corbell highlight the hurdles faced by mainstream news organizations in covering the UAP topic. They commend the media entities that have embraced the challenge, navigating this new space with diligence, and insist on the importance of just reporting the news in an objective and straightforward manner.

The hosts also emphasize the importance of scientific and technological advances that might result from studying UAPs. They discuss their conversations with insiders, who suggest that the main obstacle in UAP technology development is replicating the power source. If overcome, this could lead to significant leaps in technology and potentially reshape our understanding of physics.

Despite the progress made and the enthusiasm shared by many for full disclosure, the hosts also bring to light the potential risks associated with such a decision. The potential for strategic disadvantage and national security implications cannot be ignored.

Knapp and Corbell conclude with a recognition that the UFO question is not an exclusively American issue, but a global one. As they look forward to more disclosures and discussions, they commend the bipartisan efforts in the U.S. government pushing for transparency on this intriguing topic.


This episode of “Weaponized” offers viewers a detailed exploration of recent developments on the subject of UFOs and UAPs. From legislative proposals to the role of the media and the international implications, Knapp and Corbell offer their insights and analysis, ensuring a compelling listen for those intrigued by these phenomena.

We strongly encourage you to watch the episode “The End of UFO Secrecy?”

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