In the serene Brecon Beacons, a remote farmhouse stands as a testament to unexplained phenomena, including poltergeist activity, apparitions, and purported possessions, that have led its inhabitants to repeatedly seek spiritual interventions.

The residence, which holds the record for the most exorcisms conducted in any British home, became a focal point of paranormal activity since 1989. Liz and Bill Rich, a young couple at the time, moved into this quaint stone building that was previously a barn. They envisioned a peaceful rural life for their growing family.

Bill Rich, an artist, and his wife Liz, who was expecting their first child, along with Bill’s son Laurence from a previous marriage, initially reveled in the idyllic setting. However, they soon found themselves embroiled in a series of inexplicable events that spanned seven years.

The disturbances began subtly, with doors slamming on their own and heavy footsteps resounding through the house. Liz Rich recalled the enigmatic nature of these footsteps, which never seemed to reach the bottom of the stairs. The atmosphere within the home started to change, with inexplicable temperature fluctuations and peculiar odors, including a pungent sulfuric smell.

The electrical system in the house also exhibited abnormal behavior, with the electricity meter spinning uncontrollably, particularly during the height of the paranormal activity. The couple was astounded to receive an electricity bill amounting to £750 for three months, which is nearly equivalent to £2,000 today.

As events escalated, the family faced the baffling deaths of their pets, apparitions, and alleged possessions. This led them to seek the assistance of the clergy. Liz Rich recounted how she approached Brecon Cathedral, leading to a priest conducting an exorcism. Initially, there was respite, but the phenomena returned with increased vigor, resulting in multiple exorcisms.

The haunting of Heol Fanog has since become the subject of an in-depth paranormal investigation in a new BBC podcast, The Witch Farm. Journalist Danny Robins, who has a critical approach but is open to the possibility of the supernatural, explores various facets of the incidents.


Robins considers the influence of the home’s isolated location on the family’s experiences and delves into the historical context, including the rich Celtic history and the prevalence of witchcraft in the area. He evaluates the impact of the residence’s historical background on the contemporary occurrences.

Danny Robins also reflects on the broader implications and the enduring fascination with ghost stories, positing that they are not only chilling but also provide a sense of comfort by suggesting the possibility of an afterlife.

Read more on this story on the BBC here

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