In a world where the skies are ceaselessly scanned for signs of extraterrestrial life, the revelations emerging from the political arena are painting a picture reminiscent of an Arthur C. Clarke novel. Recently, the enigmatic Republican congressman Mike Gallagher suggested an audacious notion that UFOs might actually be emissaries of an “ancient civilization” that has been lurking within Earth’s shadows, and is now choosing to break its silence. This tantalizing theory carries the scent of countless ancient astronaut hypotheses that have been swirling in the realms of UFOlogy for decades. For those who are intrigued by this bold claim, the original story was reported by Newsweek and can be found here1​.

Whispers from the Past Are UFOs Harbingers of an Ancient Earthbound Civilization (600 × 1000px)Gallagher, a representative for Wisconsin and a vigilant observer of the Chinese Communist Party, ventured into a sea of speculations concerning the origin of UFO sightings during his appearance on the Pat McAfee show. While on the show, he touched upon the congressional investigations into claims that the government is in possession of technology that hails from a world beyond our own​2​.

The cascade of intrigue gained momentum earlier in June when David Grusch, an Air Force veteran decorated for his services at the National Reconnaissance Office, claimed that the government had procured “non-human origin technical vehicles,” some with deceased occupants still aboard​3​.

One of the beguiling theories that Gallagher floated, dubbed the “Terminator” theory, surmises that these UFOs could be humans from the future, echoing the plot of the classic science fiction film. However, what really sparks the imagination is his proposal that we might be dealing with an ancient civilization, native to our planet, that has hitherto remained concealed​4​.

In the midst of this discussion, an interlocutor invoked the Transformers lore – where a race of mechanized beings from another world seeks refuge on Earth while fleeing their own interstellar civil strife – drawing a parallel with the ancient civilization hypothesis​5​.

Gallagher, however, also cautions that the sightings could be manifestations of technologically advanced crafts developed by rival nations. He voiced concerns regarding the possibility of the Chinese harnessing such formidable technology, which he concedes was his initial gateway into the UFO discourse​6​.

In a climate where silence and ridicule have often shrouded UFO sightings, Gallagher’s comments are a gust of fresh air. He emphasizes the need to foster an environment where individuals, especially those like fighter pilots who have had encounters with the unknown, can share their stories without the fear of mockery. Furthermore, he contends that bureaucratic inertia within defense and intelligence communities is a significant impediment in procuring information about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)​7​.


As we stand at the precipice of potentially paradigm-shattering discoveries, one must wonder if the annals of our ancient past hold keys to the enigmas of the present. Are we on the verge of uncovering long-lost brethren or are we bracing for an encounter of the third kind?

Newsweek approached the Department of Defense for comment, and it’s important to note that both the Department of Defense and NASA have publicly stated they possess no evidence of extraterrestrial life or government programs involved in reverse-engineering alien technology​8​.

The journey through the rabbit hole of UFOs and ancient civilizations is far from over, and as we tread these mysterious waters, let us keep our minds open and our questions ready.

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