Father Malachi Martin, an Irish Catholic priest and exorcist, stands as a sentinel against the forces of darkness. In his book, “Hostage to the Devil,” he documents cases of real-life exorcisms that he claims to have been a part of. This article delves into the harrowing tales of demonic possession that Father Malachi Martin encountered.

The Rooster and the Tortoise:

In this alarming case, a psychology professor named Carl V becomes possessed during an ancient ritual he was re-enacting. Carl had seen himself performing this ritual in a vision and believed it to be a reflection of events from his past life. He travels to Aquileia, Italy, with a group of students to document the process. The students witness a horrifying physical transformation as Carl becomes possessed. His face contorts, and there’s an eerie ‘twist’ around his eyes that the students can’t explain. They describe it as if an otherworldly force was exerting immense, sinister power over Carl, changing the very structure of his face.

The Virgin and the Girl Fixer:

Father Malachi recounts the demonic possession of a transgender woman, referred to as “Richard/Rita.” During the exorcism, performed by an exorcist named Father Gregory, Richard/Rita’s face takes on a horrific appearance. The mouth opens inhumanly wide, the tongue quivers amidst a stream of gray foam bubbles, and the face is furrowed with irregular lines. What terrifies those present the most is the sinister laughter that ensues – a cacophony of mocking, scornful laughter filled with hatred. This laughter seems to be an expression of contemptuous hate from the demonic spirit.

The Exorcist’s Sacrifice:

Martin describes the exorcist as a person who offers himself as a hostage in the battle against demonic possession. According to him, when the rebellion of the possessed person leads to exorcism, a bitter struggle is brought into the open. The exorcist takes on the pain for those who are possessed. This paints a picture of the exorcist as a brave soul who puts himself in danger to rid others of the torment of possession.


The Reality of Possession:

Father Malachi Martin was adamant that demonic possession was not a tale of dark fantasy but a horrifying reality. He outlined the stages of possession in his book, which includes the entry point of the evil spirit, erroneous judgments made by the possessed person, voluntary yielding of control to the possessing spirit, and extended control leading to perfect possession. He stated that possession is real and has real consequences.


Father Malachi Martin’s chilling accounts in “Hostage to the Devil” serve as a window into a world few dare to explore. His unflinching resolve in the face of unimaginable horrors and his dedication to freeing tormented souls from the clutches of demonic possession are a testament to the eternal battle between good and evil. His stories continue to both fascinate and terrify those who dare to delve into the unknown.

Disclaimer: This article is based on the accounts given by Father Malachi Martin in his book “Hostage to the Devil.” Reader discretion is advised. You can find the book on amazon below.


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