In the wake of allegations concerning secretive UFO retrieval and reverse-engineering programs, Senator Marco Rubio, Vice Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, made a series of remarkable statements on June 26.

In a one-on-one interview with NewsNation Washington correspondent Joe Khalil, Senator Rubio divulged that several individuals holding high-ranking positions within the government, and with top-level security clearances, have come forward to provide testimony on UFO encounters and incidents. He indicated that these testimonies are unprecedented in the scope and nature of information shared with the Senate Intelligence Committee.

In response to these revelations, the Senate Intelligence Committee adopted a bipartisan provision that mandates the immediate cessation of funding for any undisclosed government or contractor-led initiatives aimed at the retrieval and reverse-engineering of crafts deemed to be of “non-earth” or “exotic” origin.

The language used in the Senate version of the Intelligence Authorization Bill aligns with, and lends credibility to, a whistleblower’s recent allegations that there has been a secret, ongoing effort for several decades to recover, analyze, and exploit objects of non-human origin, without the requisite congressional oversight.

Furthermore, the proposed legislation requires individuals who possess knowledge of such activities to disclose all pertinent information. It also offers legal immunity, provided that the information is reported within a specified period.

Douglas Johnson, a researcher and congressional expert, was the first to report on and analyze this significant legislative development. If the bill passes the House, it has the potential to become law within the current year.

Apart from the Senate Intelligence Committee, other authoritative bodies supervising the nation’s intelligence apparatus found the whistleblower’s allegations credible and urgent. According to two separate reports, several military, intelligence, and contractor officials have corroborated the claims that the U.S. government or private corporations have in their possession crafts that could possibly be of non-human origin.


This is not the first time Congress has addressed the possibility of clandestine UFO retrieval and reverse-engineering programs. The 2023 National Defense Authorization Act, which was signed into law by President Joe Biden in December of last year, established strong protections for whistleblowers with knowledge of secret UFO programs.

However, the new legislation proposed by the Senate Intelligence Committee goes a step further. If enacted, it would not only halt funding for secret programs that analyze retrieved UFOs but also for any personnel or initiatives involved in capturing, recovering, and securing such objects.

Additionally, the proposed bill includes a “sense of Congress” provision, suggesting that Congress as a whole believes that any covertly held crafts of non-earth origin should be made available for broader scientific and industrial analysis. The legislation aims to prevent the hoarding of technology and information and to incorporate any recovered exotic technology into the nation’s wider industrial base.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that recent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests related to UFOs have been denied by the U.S. government. The denial was based on the grounds that the release of the information could hinder “enforcement proceedings” and “law enforcement investigations or prosecutions.” This departure from previous practices might indicate that an entity such as the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General is conducting a comprehensive investigation of the U.S. government’s dealings with UFOs.

Source The Hill

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