Washington, D.C. – In a bombshell revelation, Senator Marco Rubio confirmed that David Grusch, a recent whistleblower who came forward with claims regarding UFOs, is not the only high-ranking government official to have done so. This confirmation came during an explosive interview with News Nation’s Washington correspondent Joe Khaleel.

During the interview, Senator Rubio stated that over the past few years, several individuals have approached the committee with firsthand accounts of unidentified flying objects. He emphasized that these individuals were not merely relaying second-hand information but were instead sharing personal experiences and information they had directly witnessed.

Rubio explained that he had been very protective of these whistleblowers, as many of them still hold positions within the government. He expressed his concern for their welfare, stating that some of these individuals feared potential repercussions for coming forward with such claims.

One of the most striking aspects of the whistleblowers who have come forward is their high qualifications and positions within the government. Rubio mentioned that these are serious individuals with substantial credentials. While he urged caution in jumping to conclusions, he stated that he finds many of them to be credible.

“What incentive would so many people with that kind of qualification… these are serious people, have to come forward and make something up?” Rubio questioned during the interview.

David GruschDavid Grusch, the whistleblower mentioned earlier, claimed that the U.S. government has been involved in retrieving non-human technical vehicles. In his interview three weeks ago, Grusch stated that these are vehicles from another species that have either landed or crashed here.

When asked about Grusch’s credibility, Senator Rubio did not confirm whether he had directly spoken to him. However, he stated that the Inspector General found Grusch’s claims worthy of further investigation and deemed him a credible person.


Senator Rubio’s revelation marks a significant development in the ongoing discussions surrounding UFOs and the government’s involvement. His statements underscore the importance of approaching these claims with an open mind and the need for a careful and thorough investigation.

Watch the full interview with Senator Rubio from News Nation YouTube channel:

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