In an enthralling conversation, Robert Dean, a former US Army Sergeant Major, unveils his encounters with the unknown and shares his beliefs on UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

As intrigue surrounding UFOs and extraterrestrial life continues to sweep across the globe, a recent interview with Robert Dean, an ex-US Army Sergeant Major, has struck a chord with viewers. His earnestness and deep-seated beliefs, coupled with his military background, have made his revelations in the interview titled “Robert Dean Interview: US Army Sergeant Major Talks About UFOs & Extraterrestrials” a must-watch on YouTube.

The fervor with which Dean narrates his experiences is infectious. He recounts a riveting incident where, after picking up Bob Cecilia and Stanton from Manchester Airport, he found himself later that same day on the Hilton Hotel’s rooftop, passionately discussing UFOs and extraterrestrial life with GMTV.

His zealous commitment to spreading awareness was evident. Addressing the audience with gratitude, he commended their inquisitiveness and willingness to engage with the topic. Despite feeling like a lone crusader at times, the support and engagement from the audience rejuvenated his spirit and reaffirmed his dedication.

Dean firmly believes that the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrial encounters is not just a pressing issue of our era, but rather an unparalleled phenomenon in human history. He shared insights from a 1963 military study that examined the possible threat of UFOs to allied forces in Europe. Dean’s revelations were staggering; he claimed that governments had been privy to these findings since 1949 but concealed them from the public eye.

Urging viewers to be investigators in their own right, Dean encouraged delving into the treasure trove of evidence that spans across centuries, from ancient art to contemporary photographs and accounts. He hypothesized connections between crop circles, UFO sightings, and humanity’s spiritual evolution, suggesting that these are signs of an impending transformation in human consciousness.

A particularly striking segment of the interview was Dean’s forecast regarding the future of world religions. He posited that as evidence of extraterrestrial life mounts, the traditional religious fabric might unravel, paving the way for a more inclusive and unified spiritual understanding.


Before concluding, Dean touched upon the anticipation of global changes, including geological shifts, famines, wars, and pandemics. He believes these events to be akin to the prophecies in various religious texts. His parting message was one of preparation, urging individuals to equip themselves mentally and spiritually for the challenges ahead.

Robert Dean’s electrifying interview is not just a testimony but an invitation to contemplate the infinite possibilities that might exist beyond our earthly confines. His enthralling narrative, fortified by his convictions and experiences, beckons a global dialogue on the enigmas of the cosmos.

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