In an era where the lines between reality and fiction are constantly blurred, the residents of Middletown, Ohio were recently confronted with a spectacle that has left the community buzzing with speculation and wonder. This piece is based on an original report by WCPO. You can read the original article here.

BNS news (2)In the evening of June 22, 2023, the dark canvas of the night sky over Middletown, Ohio was interrupted by an unexplained phenomenon. Several residents reported a collection of rotating lights, hovering in the night sky, which eventually darted away at what can only be described as a speed defying our current understanding of physics.

One of the witnesses, a young man named Caden Little, described the sighting as “scary.” The sheer surprise of the event caused his mind to race through a thousand thoughts, including the impending doom of an alien attack. The lights in the sky, however, seemed to have a different agenda as they disappeared in the blink of an eye. “In like two seconds it was out of sight,” Caden recalled.

Bryce Garrick, another resident and witness, was astute enough to capture the event on his cell phone. The footage reveals a rotating circle of green lights floating overhead. Bryce’s sense of awe is palpable in the video as the unknown craft zooms out of sight just as quickly as it appeared.

Caden Little was keen to emphasize that the object was unlike any drone he had seen before. “It looked like something I’d never seen before at all,” he said, “I had seen drones fly before and this was not like any type of drone.” The reactions from other witnesses ranged from curiosity to sheer terror. Interestingly, the local sheriff’s office reported no calls regarding the incident.

To seek some grounded explanations, the residents turned to Bryce Garrick of the Cincinnati Astronomical Society. Garrick shared his insights with the local TV station, stating that the craft’s speed seemed too fast to be a drone. However, he also acknowledged the prevalence of hoaxes in our digital age, lamenting how easy it is for individuals to use motion graphics software to fabricate convincing footage. In Garrick’s words, “the real test of authenticity is if you get a lot of reports of the same thing. Otherwise it’s probably fake.”

In this incident, however, the sheer number of witnesses adds weight to the authenticity of the sighting. The community of Middletown now finds itself at the heart of a mystery, with its residents looking up at the night sky with newfound wonder and trepidation.


What really happened in Middletown that night? Was it an encounter with the unknown, a peek into the vast mysteries of our universe? Or was it an elaborate hoax, a product of our digital age? The questions linger, as the skies over Ohio hold their secrets close.

We encourage our readers to share their thoughts and insights. Was this a genuine glimpse into the unknown or the work of earthly hands?

By David Freeman June 23, 2023


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