The National UFO Reporting Center has reported an alleged mid-air confrontation between two F-16 fighter jets and an Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) in the skies over Bad Axe earlier this month.

Eyewitnesses claim that they observed what looked like a mid-air skirmish involving a pair of F-16s and an indistinguishable object on June 3 while they were relocating a trailer at a storage facility near the Meijer store in Bad Axe.

Ubly resident and one of the observers, Christopher Bilbrey, recounted spotting a disc-shaped object of white/metallic appearance. This, he claimed, was tricky to see due to the sun’s glare reflecting off it. According to Bilbrey, the unidentified object appeared to be avoiding detection by the military jets by positioning itself against the sun.

Bad Axe UFO (1)Bilbrey described the UAP as “exceedingly swift,” saying it outpaced and outmaneuvered the fighter jets with striking ease. “It could surpass a jet, halt abruptly, and seemed to swivel in the direction of the approaching jet without altering its position,” he noted.

In what seemed like a direct counter-offensive, one of the jets released anti-missile flares, as detailed in Bilbrey’s testimony. As the spinning object continued its maneuvers, the second jet allegedly discharged its flares as well. The jets performed this defensive action around three times before withdrawing from the area, Bilbrey recounted. Following this, the UAP hovered briefly in front of the sun, then proceeded northward towards Lake Huron in what Bilbrey called a “victory lap”.

Bilbrey, who served in South Korea with the 304th Expeditionary Signal Battalion, attempted to capture the incident on his mobile phone, but difficulties arose due to the glare and altitude of the event.

No reports related to the incident on June 3 have been received by the Huron County Sheriff’s office, according to Sheriff Kelly Hanson. As a certified pilot, Hanson suggested that if the jets involved were indeed F-16s, they likely originated from the 180th Fighter Wing in Toledo, Ohio, rather than the Selfridge Air National Guard Base close to Mount Clemens.


The National UFO Reporting Center, soon to celebrate its 50th anniversary, processes about 20 to 30 reports daily of such incidents, often coming from pilots or military personnel across the U.S. and around the world, according to Christian Stepien, the center’s Chief Technical Officer. The center frequently collaborates with the Mutual UFO Network.

Pointing to a recent assertion by a government whistleblower that the federal government has in its possession alien spacecraft, Stepien expressed that reports of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena should be considered as more than just fanciful tales or ill-intentioned fabrications.

“Things are really beginning to intensify,” Stepien stated, “UAPs are undoubtedly present, and they’re moving around with impunity.”

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