In the latest instance of strange happenings in Major League Baseball, an outfielder for the Oakland A’s found himself possibly sharing his Milwaukee hotel room with a ghostly companion. This curious encounter took place last week at the fabled Pfister Hotel, during a stopover in the city for a series against the Brewers. The athlete in question, Brent Rooker, had stayed at the renowned location on two previous occasions without any unusual experiences. However, this recent visit proved to be a stark departure from the norm.

BNS News (1)The peculiar events unfolded on the evening before the start of the series. Rooker reported that his television began behaving strangely. “I’d have it tuned to the Golf Channel while I worked on my laptop. When I looked up again, the TV would be broadcasting QVC or some other channel,” he recounted. This peculiar TV behavior wasn’t a one-time event. “It happened multiple times,” Rooker shared. The television’s odd conduct persisted throughout the weekend, taking an even stranger turn. “One night, I drifted off to sleep with the TV on. I awoke around 4 AM to find it off, which I attributed to a sleep timer. However, when I woke again at around 7:30 or 8 AM, the TV was back on, but on a different channel,” Rooker recounted.

Given the Pfister Hotel’s reputation, and considering past reports from multiple MLB players of paranormal activity at this 130-year-old establishment, Rooker conceded that his account might appear “relatively benign and unremarkable”. When asked if he believed that a spectral entity could have been tampering with his television, the outfielder admitted, “I’m not sure where I stand on this, honestly.”

Despite the peculiar events, Rooker was not unnerved to the point of changing rooms or seeking alternative accommodation to evade any potential specters. He adopted a decidedly different approach compared to Dodgers’ star Mookie Betts, who opted to change hotels during his visit to Milwaukee the previous month due to similar eerie occurrences. “I felt secure enough,” Rooker explained, further suggesting that “if all the ghosts plan to do is select their preferred TV channel, I’m alright with that. We can coexist peacefully. I’m okay sharing my space.”

Rooker’s unusual experience adds another page to the lore of the reputedly haunted Pfister Hotel, and raises the question – do the spirits residing within these walls have a particular fondness for baseball stars? And if so, why? For now, all we have are fascinating tales like Rooker’s to fuel our curiosity and imagination.

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