In a historic event on June 12, 2023, Dr. Steven Greer, an acclaimed authority on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), UFOs, and advanced energy and propulsion systems, shed new light on the enigmatic world of extraterrestrial intelligence and covert government operations. Held at the National Press Club, the event revealed compelling information that could potentially alter our understanding of these subjects.

Dr. Steven GreerDr. Greer is no stranger to this complex and often controversial field. His career spans over 30 years, during which he has briefed sitting U.S. presidents, senior government officials worldwide, and has given hundreds of lectures on the subjects at hand. His work and influence reach far beyond government offices and lecture halls. The author of five books and the producer of five feature film documentaries, Dr. Greer has touched nearly a billion lives with his profound insights and relentless pursuit of truth.

The groundbreaking revelations at the National Press Club event are set against the backdrop of Dr. Greer’s tireless efforts to bring the UFO/ET issue to the forefront of public consciousness. His research has led him to identify over 700 high-level government and corporate whistleblowers willing to testify on these matters, a testament to his credibility and the seriousness of his undertaking.

This pivotal event was more than a mere discourse. It marked a significant moment in Dr. Greer’s mission to expose the so-called “Illegal Secret Government” and present the state of UFO/UAP disclosure in Washington, DC. The event was punctuated by live testimony from government whistleblowers, adding a tangible sense of urgency and authenticity to Dr. Greer’s revelations.

Stay tuned to Breaking News Streams for more on Dr. Greer’s ongoing work and the evolving discourse on UFOs, UAPs, and extraterrestrial life. As our understanding of these phenomena continues to evolve, we’ll be here to bring you the latest insights, revelations, and expert analyses.

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